How to face your fears

Fear, one of a persons greatest enemy. It destroys even the strongest humans,

we are born with just two types of fear:

  • Fear of falling
  • Fear of loud noises.

You may be wondering where all these other fears like:fear of darkness, ghost,heights and the rest came from. Well there are two types of fears

Innate fear,

Learned fear.

Innate fears are the ones we are born with (falling and loud noise) while the learned fears are developed due to circumstances around us(i.e our experience as humans,the things we are taught, the media we consume,the environment we are in)

Fears are learned,so they can be unlearned. Rather than seeing fears as your enemy, train your mind to see fear as a friend. See fears as a stepping stone to greatness. Your not alone,even the greatest people of all have fears. At times we get scared for no reason (fear of the unknown) what we fail to know is that there are beautiful things at the other side of our fears waiting for its discovery.

Take the bold step now,face those fears be it an unfinished project or one your about to start but too scared. The joy about facing your fears is that you become fearless after each fear you overcome. Imagine all what you would have achieved if you weren’t in the claws of fear. Been scared only prevents us from achieving our goals. We are charged to face our fears even in the hardest of all situation. Be brave and determined.

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